Parcel scanning

Frigoscandia starts parcel scanning 2023-11-06

We would like to inform you that from the 6/11 we will start rolling out our new scanning platform and now we will scan all individual Transport package in a shipment using the Parcel ID barcode (SSCC no, GS1) on the transport label. See also requirements for labeling in our Terms of Transport which you can find on our website

Please note that it is absolutely necessary that the Parcel ID on the shipping label on each shipping package is the same which entered the transport order to our TMS via the booking for the package scan to work. When booking manually on our website, it is required that you mark with the labels and use the delivery note that has been sent from Frigoscandia’s Customer Service.

The package scan will provide traceability and information at the transport package level via our “Track Consignment” service which can also be found on our website

In recent weeks, our drivers and traffic staff have received training in the new parcel scanning app.

The rollout will take place gradually both in scope and over time to ensure a controlled implementation. If for some reason we are unable to scan your transport package, we can continue to scan at shipment level for some time to come so that your shipment is traceable in the same way as before.

We will also contact you about any problems that arise with the package scan in order to jointly find solutions. You are welcome to contact our Customer Service with any questions about parcel scanning and we will answer them as quickly as possible.