Before loading

  • Always pre-cool the trailer to cooling or freezing temperatures when loading from a temperate controlled area.
  • When starting a pre-cooling: remember to put up a thermo wall at the back before closing the unit. The thermo wall is taken down after arriving to the correct gate, and loading is just about to begin.
  • If the loading beams are not to be used, ensure good air circulation in the unit before loading begins. The beams must not prevent the exhaust air from the cooling units from entering the cabinet, see picture below. If possible, place the beams on top of the goods or in the beam/pallet drawers under the unit.
  • Inform loading point about your arrival -> note the date and time on CMR (if waiting time occurs – inform Frigoscandia).

When loading

  • Always wear a safety vest and safety shoes inside the terminal.
  • When loading, the driver must:
    check the product’s loading temperature by sampling using a calibrated thermometer. (Sample at least 3 pallets when it is a partload – front, middle and back).
  • That the goods are loaded in the correct temperature zone, and if necessary secure the goods (frost-sensitive goods must not be loaded too close to the cooling units exhaust function).
  • That the correct number of transport packages is loaded and that there is no visible damage to the goods. In case of deviations, note this with a readable signature on the CMR.
  • If loading instructions differ to reality (number of pallets,  kind of goods, temperature), please contact  your planner immediately. Deviations must be noted and signed with a readable signature.
    NOTE! if the driver is not allowed to participate during loading or can not influence how the sender loads, this must be clearly noted on the CMR.

When loading is complete

  • Sign the CMR with a readable name and date.
  • Make sure that the correct setpoint is set (and is set to continuous mode) for each temperature zone on the unit. Recommended setpoints are:
    for frozen -23 ° C, for chilled + 3 ° C, ambient + 15 ° C.

Important! Note that other temperatures/set points may be relevant. Always follow the transport instructions from your planner

Important!  Loading beams must be removed at least 2 meters from the rear cooling machine so the air flow not get blocked.

During transport

  • Check the air temperature during transport on a regular basis.
  • At ferry crossings, ensure electrical connection and that the unit is set to electric operation (even when the shipping company handles the connection).
  • When handing- or taking over a trailer (from/or to train, ferry or other driver), always check the diesel level and that the cooling unit is set correctly.
  • In case of problems with unit or breakdown, contact Frigoscandia, see contacts.

When unloading


  • Inform unloading point -> submit documents (CMR + delivery notes), note the date and time on CMR (if waiting time inform Frigoscandia)
  • Pending unloading, park the unit in an illuminated, preferably fenced area. Do not leave the unit unattended.
  • Always wear a safety vest and safety shoes inside the terminal.
  • Do not open the rear doors of the unit until you are at the gate about to unload.
  • If the receiver remarks any temperature deviation – always measure the temperature with your own temperature measuring device to confirm the temperature (about 3-4 minutes of measuring time if the thermometer is not pre-chilled).
  • In the event of any deviations regarding temperature, damage or missing goods, this must be noted by the recipient on the CMR and signed by the driver with a readable signature and date.
  • If the driver is not allowed to participate during unloading or can not influence how the sender unloads, this must be clearly noted on the CMR.
  • Inform Frigoscandia immediately in case of deviations.

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On call:
in case of problems during loading, transport, unloading or in case of emergency: (ie traffic accident, personal injury, burglary / theft in a trailer), contact your responsible transport manager for the transport assignment (contact information can be found in the booking documentation received by the carrier).