Current delivery information

Here we publish to us known information that might have an impact on our deliveries.

Updated 2022-05-27, 15:00

During the period 30 May – 6 June, many events are ongoing in Stockholm, which affect the traffic situation.
Due to this there will be disruptions in our production which could affect our usual delivery times.

More and updated info can be found via the following link (only in Swedish):

Updated 2022-02-25, 16:30

Due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that shipments to / from countries in Eastern Europe may be affected by the situation. We do our utmost to ensure that this does not affect our customers, but there may, for example, occur capacity shortages with longer delivery times as a result.

As for our transports within the Nordic region, they are currently not affected by any operational disruptions.

Frigoscandia has activated the company’s continuity group and follows the development of events closely in order to be able to take action quickly and provide information to our customers and partners about any disruptions or changes. Information updates will be published here on our website.


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