Frigoscandia beställer 112 nya lastbilar av Scania

Pressrelease:  28.02.2022

Scania delivers 112 trucks to Frigoscandia for operation with renewable fuels


Frigoscandia, Sweden’s market-leading company for temperate food logistics, has ordered 112 new trucks from Scania for delivery during the coming two years. The delivery includes 73 biogas vehicles, the single largest order of gas-powered heavy trucks in Sweden.


– Frigoscandia is now undergoing a transition to fossil-free operation, where we are gradually replacing our conventional diesel trucks with vehicles that are powered by renewable fuels, says Peter Haveneth, CEO of Frigoscandia. The goal is to achieve a fossil-free operation by 2025, and these new vehicles are an important step in the restructuring.


The 112 vehicles are distributed between Frigoscandia’s subsidiary Svebol Logistics, which mainly has transport operations in the Stockholm area, and Mälardalen, and Frigoscandia Åkeri, which operates throughout the country. The order covers several different types of trucks for long-distance transport, regional transport, and local distribution.


For its long-distance transport in Frigoscandia’s network of more than 30 warehouses and terminals in Sweden and Norway, Scania has chosen the latest generation of 410 R, 460 R, and 500 R trucks that are more energy-efficient and reduce fuel consumption. Of the 69 long-distance trucks, the majority are powered by liquid biogas and the others by RME (RapeseedMethylEster, biodiesel made from rapeseed oil).


– We are in the middle of a transition to fossil-free vehicles that will contribute to Sweden’s climate goals for the transport sector in 2030 and beyond, states Henrik Dahlsson, senior advisor for sustainable transport at Scania Sweden. We have to work with several measures at the same time: biofuels, electric propulsion, fuel-efficient engines,and smarter logistics. It is extremely gratifying that Frigoscandia is investing in biofuels that provide an opportunity to quickly reduce the climate footprint.


Liquid biogas (LBG, Liquefied BioGas) is making strong progress in Sweden due to the long range of up to 160 km in a Scania vehicle, the local production, and the cost benefits for the fuel. Compared with the diesel price, the price for liquid biogas is usually lower. There are currently 25 refueling stations for LBG in the country, and last year, the fuel delivered more than doubled compared to 2020.


Frigoscandia, with a fleet of approximately 900 vehicles in its own and network-connected career, is the market leader in Sweden in temperate food transport. The company delivers over one million shipments annually to more than 50,000 delivery points throughout Sweden. Frigoscandia has a long history of transport with gas vehicles. In 2014, Frigoscandia was the first to start running on gas in a Euro 6 truck, the most recent environmental classification for vehicles.