Obstacle in infrastructure

Obstacle in infrastructure

On 23rd September there was a landslide on E6 near Stenungsund in Sweden. As a consequence of this we need to take a longer route to reach mainly the areas which are situated north and west of the area of the landslide until the E6 has been rebuilt. As advised earlier we will have to compensate for the extended length of transportation and are therefore implementing a temporary fee which is valid for consignments loaded from 2nd October 2023.

The fee “Obstacle in Infrastructure” (Sw. Hinder i Infrastruktur -HI) will be debited for specic postal codes within the following postal code zone: 45130 – 45994

For information on which specific postal codes are affected please make a search for a place or a postal code in our Register of Locations https://frigoscandia.com/en/locations-with-surcharges/

We refer to Frigoscandia transport terms and conditions, 2.3.23 Obstacle for obstruction in infrastructure

Upon building or reconstruction of infrastructure or occurrence of obstacles of the same FS has the right to charge a fee to cover cost for increased transport mileage due to such occurrence.


The fee includes fuel surcharge and is debited based on volume weight.

1 – 740 kg                       25 SEK per 100 kg
741 – 2220 kg                20 SEK per 100 kg
2221 – 5200 kg              10 SEK per 100 kg
5201 – 10400 kg             9 SEK per 100 kg
10401 – 35600 kg           8 SEK per 100 kg

Minimum fee: 125 SEK per consignment

Maximum fee: 1200 SEK per consignment