Aid consignments to Red Cross in Poland

In the light of the war in Ukraine, we are now many actors in the food industry who want to contribute. The urgent need to send aid for those in need will exist for a long time to come.

Finding solutions that can handle large volumes, with planned departures for goods that are primarily in demand, is important for those who are on site and assist.

Our ambition through this initiative aims to make Nordic food available for the Polish Red Cross, and have it delivered through joint deliveries at a neutral cost price through a developed process.

1. Make goods available for a donation
At, a form is filled in with current goods and volumes.
2. Coordination of goods flow
Frigoscandia provides its infrastructure and capacity in Helsingborg to collect the ordered food donations. Frigoscandia makes deliveries from Helsingborg to the border area between Poland and Ukraine.
3. Handover to the Red Cross Organization on site
Frigoscandia hands over the goods to the Red Cross Relief Center warehouse on-site, which then transports the goods to Ukraine.
4. Follow-up to donors
The Red Cross acknowledges the delivery and the donor is notified when the goods have been delivered and are informed of the total joint effect from this initiative.

Contribution from donors
Product volumes
Delivery to Frigoscandia’s warehouse in Helsingborg

Contribution from Frigoscandia
Coordination and planning of incoming goods
Delivery receipt
Warehouse management and storage until departure
Manual pallet handling
Transport planning per shipment
Delivery receipt to donor

Cost neutral Project Ukraine
Feel free to contact us regarding the cost of shipment to Poland.
(The cost will refere to a maximum degree of filling in each shipment, departure will take place as we reach the desired degree of filling.)

Contact information

Frigoscandia and Stockfiller in collaboration with the Red Cross help center reserve the right to decide which goods and volumes are of priority to send (based on eg best before date, nutritional content, handling complexity, volume, ease of consumption, product temperature).