CEO - interview change of brand

Bring Frigo becomes Frigoscandia. What is the reason behind the rebranding?
It can be traced back to a strategic decision that was made a couple of years ago to more clarify Bring Frigo’s profile as the leading expert in the industry of temperature-controlled logistics. The process of becoming an independent company means a fairly large journey of changes and developments for our organization to ensure that we can drive improvements and make decisions closely and in cooperation with our customers on how we want to develop our service offering. A natural part of this is to emphasize our own distinctiveness with our own brand.

Why is the brand Frigoscandia being relaunched?
Frigoscandia is still a highly recognized brand. It is a brand that everyone in the company is proud of and on top of that, a lot of Know-How originates from Frigoscandia. We want to clearly position ourselves as the leading expert in the market and to do so we have decided to return to our former brand Frigoscandia. In addition, we want to give the new brand a modern touch that can represent our future journey.

Compared to the former version, what updates have been made to the new logotype?
Frigoscandia’s former logotype that was created in the middle of the 90s has been an inspiration for our new logotype. We have changed font and updated the color palette, so it is line with our business strategy. Some of our core principles are customer-oriented, innovation, digitalization and sustainability. A mix of old and new will create a modern feeling together with the representation of our core principles.

How will the brand Frigoscandia be relaunched?
The relaunching process of Frigoscandia has started and the work will gradually continue during the rest of this year and a bit into the next year. It is an extensive process to rebrand our entire company. We have, among other things, the Nordic’s largest vehicle fleet together with our partners, which means that there is for example a generous number of vehicles that needs to be rebranded. We are happy and proud to announce that the rebranding process of relaunching our brand Frigoscandia has started.