My name is Peter Haveneth and I am CEO of Frigoscandia, a full service provider of temperature controlled food logistics in the Nordics.

Today we mainly serve the food industry where we are running the most comprehensive food logistic network.

We have approximately 1.000 employees and subsidies in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland the Netherlands and in total we are active in more than 50 markets.

With our superior infrastructure and by operating in all parts of the supply-chain we have a unique market position.

On a daily basis in Sweden we are operating more than 700 trucks linked to 23 terminals, we also have 12 warehouses, where 9 are in Sweden and 3 in Norway. With a total capacity 900.000 cubic meters or 230.000 pallet locations*. More than 75% of our customers buy a combination of services from warehousing as well as transportation.

On a weekly basis we reach all grocery stores in Sweden, no competitor has that kind of coverage today.

In Frigoscandia our mission is to improve and simplify food logistics every day. We are on our way to create a One-stop shop for food logistics in the Nordics where sustainability is the guiding principle in every aspect of our operation.

We shall be a reliable partner to our customers where we proactively are helping them to optimize their supply-chain improving the distribution and strengthening their competitiveness.

This means increased focus on digitalization to improve efficiency as well as transparency. It also means investments in atomization to improve productivity, and last but not least, further development of our service portfolio. Both how to systematically and continually improve existing services, as well as launching new disruptive solutions.

Going forward, an important part of our customers success will be to utilize a seamless combination of Frigoscandias services, based on sustainability and quality. To summarize our vision is to make food available for all people, climate positively and with a guaranteed product quality throughout our entire supply-chain.

*After the acquisition of Götene Kyltransporter in November 2022 Frigoscandia has 14 warehouses, eleven in Sweden and three in Norway with a capacity of approx. 280.000 pallet locations.